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Exclusive PANDORA Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Charms Now Available!

Pandora offers a unique collection of bracelets and matching jewelry. Our designs can be described as romantic, modern, and reflections of timeless symbols of love. Born of traditional Danish Design, each piece of Pandora jewelry is handcrafted in 14kt gold and sterling silver. From the beginning, our goal has been to inspire and be inspired by all women who want to create their own look and tell their own unique stories.

Spanning for decades Tacori designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world's most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry. The stunning beauty and intricacy of each piece of Tacori jewelry is the result of an uncompromising passion for artisanship. Handcrafted in California, these remarkably detailed rings and fine jewelry pieces become the timeless symbols of connection that join individuals and generations.

Alwand Vahan is one of America's premier designer lines of Sterling Silver, 14kt yellow gold, and diamond jewelry. The unique design inspirations of jewelry are worn by women everywhere. Come by today and experience the unique and exciting line of Alwand Vahan jewelry today at Diamond Jewelers. The Best is All We Have to Offer!

Sethi Couture is a burgeoning fine jewelry line whose signature interplay of color showcases the exquisite allure of natural color diamonds alongside strikingly beautiful white diamonds in rose cute, briolettes and old mine cuts. The signature interplay of color in the designs are light and lacy, delicate and feminine. There is depth in the collection, from simple diamond cluster necklaces to dramatic earrings to engagements rings. The collection offers something that feels fresh and unique.

Lafonn offers extravagant expertly crafted designs in sterling silver, handset with the world’s finest simulated diamonds. Unsurpassed quality and dazzling perfection are the foundation of Lafonn's brilliance and fire.

The product line includes earrings, pendants, bangles, rings and necklaces. All the KC Design styles are made in 14K white, yellow, rose and black gold. Diamonds are the only gemstone used in the line and appear in several colors including white, black, champagne and blue. The earrings and pendants are the strongest part of the collections and are available in styles such as Fleur de Lis, hoops, crosses, initials and other designs which come in all shapes and sizes. The earrings and pendants are smartly matched in  interchangeable sets featuring our ear charm collection. The 14k charms can be worn as pendants as well as earrings to match your everyday wear.

In 30 years, Jye’s International has evolved from a high-end South Sea cultured pearl provider to a designer/manufacturer of classic and contemporary diamond and gemstone jewelry set in 18k gold and 950 platinum. Founder and Designer Jennifer Chang, M.A., M.B.A, and husband Charles Ueng; Geologist, Ph.D., design and production expertise that has shaped a collection rich in bestselling rings and earrings. Jye’s International has earned a reputation for innovative designs of superior craftsmanship that showcases exceptional precious gem stones and metals. The result is a distinctive line that balances timelessness and couture fashion.

Allison Kaufman Company, in business since 1920, is one of the oldest and most respected diamond jewelry manufacturers in the United States. Our family owned business has had a commitment to manufacturing the best in fine diamond jewelry for nearly a century. Our quality and workmanship is unsurpassed and our styling is legendary. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff selects only the most brilliant diamonds to be meticulously hand set into exquisite, handcrafted Allison-Kaufman diamond jewelry.


The timeless elegance of pearls, are today strongly represented by Majorica Pearls... most popular man made pearls in the market of Man Made custom jewelry. In the Spanish island of Majorica in the Mediterranean. Local women there have specialized in the artistic fabrication of faux pearls since the 19th Century.

LeStage Manufacturing Company is a privately owned and operated fine jewelry manufacturer. We were founded in 1863 and are run by the third generation of LeStages. We produce a variety of jewelry in precious metals, including charms, The Cape Cod Jewelry Collection, The LeStage Convertible Collection, AnaLucia, and Apropos. We sell nationally to brick-and-mortar retailers.


At a time when fine jewelry designers rely more and more on computer aid for their designs, Gregory continues to use only traditional methods and tools.  Add to that his 40 years at the designer’s work bench, and a certain look emerges in his work.  Admittedly, there is a bias toward the gilded age estate era, however he has no fear of blending modern motifs for the sake of drama. Every single commission is approached using the “from the ground up” method.  This means that no pre-fabricated parts, molds or dies are used in the planning / design path. This results in a highly original look for each individual piece that Gregory makes. Greg accepts commissions through recognized fine jewelry professionals.

Orange Beach Destination Bracelets
A city that was founded by boat builders and charter fisherman holds a special place as one of Alabama’s most beautiful places, and that city is Orange Beach. On the shores of some of the most beautiful bodies of water in the country, this city in the sun embodies the pleasures of life on the water, and the Orange Beach Destination Bracelet is a tribute in precious metals to the Orange Beach Life style. The “O” is forges with the waves of the Gulf held within, and joins a “B” emblazoned with the ever familiar beach umbrella, the union of the two symbolizing the hook that Orange Beach has on the hearts of so many. One 14 karat gold wrap represents the bays and the other represents the Gulf.  And they are all equally as stunning with the warm colors of the sunset over them. Fishing, golf, relaxing on the beach and enjoying natures finest, all beckon to the senses and invite you to spend a week or a lifetime of weeks here in Orange Beach, from the Bays to the Beach flash you with pride with the Orange Beach Destination Bracelet, a true symbolic treasure.

Gulf Shores Destination Bracelets
Just the name conjures emotion. Gulf Shores...the warm familiar water, the sand crunching under your feet, you are relaxed by the waves and charged with energetic spirit all at the same time. The Gulf Shores Destination Bracelet is a tribute in precious metals to the “Jewel of the Alabama Coast” that has the sun, fun and heart of a true beach town. A stroll on the beach yields a treasure trove of shells, and shelling is favorite pastime people from all over the world enjoy. A “G” is wrought in precious metal shells and hooks an “S” formed with 3-strand line honoring a maritime history that some say dates back to the 12th century, and the union of the two symbolizes the hook that Gulf Shores has on the hearts of many. Two 14 karat gold wraps represent Little Lagoon and the Gulf, which have both given Gulf Shores with the pleasures of life on the water. Enjoy the sunset over the Gulf, no matter where you may be, each time you glance at your wrist with the Gulf Shores Destination Bracelet.


Black Pearls, Grey Pearls, Tahitian Pearls: magical names that evoke the singularity and the origin of this jewel of the sea. A gift from the god ORO, King of the Firmament, the Tahitian pearl develops its perfect shape and colors in the deep turquoise waters of Polynesian lagoons. The secret treasure of coral islands, it was long considered a royal symbol. A natural substance, it is the fruit of the combination of animal and mineral. Cultivated by man, it is the arbitrator of a constant dialogue between him and the elements. Pampered from its earliest age in the womb of the black-lipped oyster, it perfects its beauty and luster over two long years. The pearl farmer constantly watches over it, much like a father over his son. Should the weather look stormy, he immerses it more deeply in the lagoon. Should the weather turn too warm, he will move it to a cooler place. Perfect at birth, it needs no molding or shaping, just the enhancement of its natural beauty with other jewels worthy of it. And so, the pearl farmer of Polynesia could do no less than entrust such a divine object into the hands of the finest jewelers, who know how to pay homage to its imperial beauty.

Akoya pearls are Japanese saltwater producing species of pearls and are the finest quality available in their size and color. When looking at akoya pearls make sure you accept no other substitute. These pearls come from the Akoya-producing oyster species (Pinctada fucata, Pinctada imbricate) and are widespread throughout the world, however, the most lustrous and highest quality Akoya pearls are still grown in the extremely cool and temperate waters of Japan.